lesson plans

Digital Communications

Lesson Plan: Unit 4, Animation

Dates: Sep 11 Oct-13

Bell Ringer: Changed Daily and presented on the smart board. Students will immediately log on and answer Bell Work using google classroom. Bell ringer will require student to utilize technology and knowledge relevant to the current unit of study and it will integrate Core subjects.

Essential Question: What makes an effective web site and how can I make one?


4.1 Define terminology

4.2 Discuss the different types of animation

4.3 Discuss the software needed to create animation

4.4 Describe the different processes for creating animation

4.5 Incorporate an animation in a media production

Model/Guided Practice: Students will participate in a series of teacher guided lectures while students complete a study guide.

Independent Work (The Assignment): Students will design and construct a web site based on a given theme.

Assessment: Student learning will be assessed by daily Bell work and will utilize their understanding of elements of digital communication to improve various examples of digital communications. At the completion of the unit students will take a written exam. The student website will be assessed using a rubric.