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Guitar Club



   The Guitar Club meets each day at lunch in Mrs. Brown’s room to play electric and acoustic guitars.  Anyone who is interested in learning to play guitar, listening to the music, or singing along with us is more than welcome to join.

Guitar Club

By Ethan Gregory

            The Cedarville Guitar Club (CGC) is an informal music group hosted by English teacher Mrs. Brown. A proud proponent and leader of the band, Mrs. Brown has hosted the club since the 2016-2017 school year with a small group of students. This number quickly grew, bringing in a flood of new instruments, ideas and talents. The CGC music is inclined to folk, western and blues but is open to any who wish to share their talents.

Although the club started with simple guitars and a single 12-string, the following years brought dulcimers, a mandolin, ukuleles, banjos, a washtub bass, left-handed guitars, electric guitars, electric basses, and a large acoustic double bass. Songs and styles of playing change daily, depending on the song, the players, and the singers who are present.

Guitar Club’s songs are often simple riffs led by group vocalists and a bass backing. Occasional solos are played during appropriate songs to highlight a new instrument or to simply fill in the time setting up lyric pages and finding picks.

The Guitar Club is a collection of guitarists, bassist, singers and more who love to express themselves through their talents in music and warmly accepts new members. The Cedarville Guitar Club is a non-affiliate association, meaning there is no signup, no pay, and no reason to not have a good time. Sessions are held at lunch every weekday from 12:30 to 12:45 and before school Wednesday through Friday.