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Course Description--Housing & Interior Design--Grades 9-12--1/2 Unit--493140.

 Housing and Interior Design focuses on personal and family housing needs, options for meeting those needs, and the role of the housing industry in the economy. Emphasis is given to the development of competencies related to housing needs of the individual and family; housing options; trends in housing; financial and legal commitments related to housing; home construction; art principles as applied to housing and interiors; selection, care, and arrangement of home furnishing and appliances; energy conservation; jobs and career opportunities in housing and interior design; and the effect of technology on housing. Upon completion of the course, a student should be prepared to make wise decisions in obtaining and maintaining personal and family shelter.

Family & Consumer Science--Grades 9-12--1 Year Course--493080.

Course Description: Family and Consumer Science is designed to provide students with basic information and skills needed to function effectively within the family and within a changing, complex society. Emphasis is given to the development of competencies related to Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America; individual and family relationships; housing and interior design; wardrobe planning and selection; garment care and construction; the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of children; nutrition and food selection; healthy lifestyle choices; meal planning, preparation and service; home management; money management; the application of current technology in the home and workplace. Upon completion of this course, the student should have developed life skills that promote a positive influence on the quality of life.

Course Description--Food & Nutrition--Grades 9-12--1/2 Unit--493110.

: Experiences in the Food and Nutrition course focus on the development of skills needed to select, prepare, and serve food which meets nutritional needs of individuals and families. Emphasis in this course is given to the development of competencies related to nutrition, weight control, the food consumer, the effect of technology on food and nutrition, kitchen organization and equipment, safety and sanitation, menu planning, serving and eating food, food preparation, eating away from home, and jobs and career opportunities in the field of food and nutrition. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to apply sound nutritional p

Course Description--Human Relations--Grades 9-12--1/2 Unit--493150.

Human Relations focuses on the development of skills needed in order to build and maintain successful relationships in the home, community, and workplace. Emphasis is given to the development of competencies related to personality development, decision-making, communication, relationships outside the family, relationships within the family, and careers in the field of human relations. Upon completion of this course, the student should have a better understanding of self; know how to communicate effectively; and be able to establish and maintain effective relationships with family members, peers, and others.

Course Description--Nutrition & Wellness--Grades 9-12--1/2 Unit--493200.


Nutrition and Wellness enables students to analyze the interaction of nutrition, foods, and fitness for overall wellness of individuals and families throughout the lifespan. In this course students will develop nutrition and fitness habits to make wise decisions regarding healthy living and prevention of disease through these practices. As active learners, students develop higher order thinking skills and academic skills in the areas of math, science, language arts and social studies through the evaluation of relevant nutrition and wellness information. This course is recommended for all students regardless of their career cluster or pathway, in order to build basic nutrition and wellness knowledge and skills, and is especially appropriate for students with interest in human services, wellness/fitness, health, or food and nutrition-related career pathways

Course Description--Clothing Management--Grades 9-12--1/2 Unit--493030.


Experiences in the Clothing Management course are designed to assist students in developing skills necessary for management of individual and family wardrobes, for decision making as a clothing consumer, and for understanding the role of the clothing and textile industry in the economy. Emphasis is given to the development of competencies related to clothing selection; clothing needs of family members; wardrobe planning; clothing care; characteristics of natural and synthetic fibers; types of fabrics and fabric finishes; laws and regulations related to the clothing and textiles industry; use and care of basic sewing supplies and equipment; fabric selection; clothing construction techniques; jobs and careers in clothing and textiles; computer use in clothing and textiles; and effects of technology on the clothing and textiles industry. Upon completion of this course, a student should be able to provide and maintain personal/family wardrobes to meet the needs of individuals. In addition, the student should acquire skills needed for clothing and textiles occupations and develop a knowledge of the impact of technology on the clothing and textiles industry

Child Development--Grades 9-12--1/2 Unit--493020.

Course Description: Child Development focuses on skills needed to guide the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development of children. Emphasis is given to the development of competencies related to the study of children, pregnancy and prenatal development, birth and the newborn, types of growth and development, stages of growth and development, rights and responsibilities of parents and children, needs of children, factors influencing the behavior of children, selection of child-care services, health and safety of children, children with special needs, coping with crises, the effects of technology on child development, and careers related to the area of child development. Upon completion of this course, the student should be prepared to care for and guide the development of a child through all stages of growth—within a family, as a child-care professional, or in other experiences with children

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