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AP English Literature and Composition

Welcome to Mrs. Brown's Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition Class.

Course Description:

This course involves an intensive study of representative literary works from various genres and time periods (sixteenth through twentieth centuries). As students focus on literary analysis, they will be preparing to take the Advanced Placement test for this course in May.



  • Students will read actively, learn how to make careful observations of textual detail, establish connections among their observations, and draw from those connections a series of inferences leading to an interpretive conclusion about the work’s meaning and value.


  • Students will exhibit the ability to explain clearly and cogently what they understand about literary works and why they interpret them as they do.


  • Students will develop and organize ideas in a clear, coherent, and persuasive language. In addition, students will develop stylistic maturity in their writing.


  • Writing assignments will focus on critical analysis of literature and will include expository, analytical, and argumentative essays.


Source: The College Board Advanced Placement Program Course Description for English Literature and Composition


  • AP courses are different from regular high school courses in many ways.  First, they are taught with college level materials that may deal with mature themes.  Second, they require more time out of class to be dedicated to assignments.  Third, they move at an accelerated speed.  Overall, the course is more demanding than an average high school course and requires task-oriented students who are proficient readers and able to use their time wisely.


Google Classroom for Students

For each of my classes I use Google Classroom. I provide handouts, templates for completing assignments, and other information for students. If you would like to be added to your student’s Google Classroom, please contact me at 



High School AR Policy 

  • Beginning in 9th grade, all CHS students are required to earn 15 AR points per quarter.
  • You may read 15 books that are worth 1 point each or one book that is worth 15 points or more or any combination of points to total 15.
  • You will take an AR test on each book you read to accumulate points.
  • You may read the genre of your choice. 
  • Points over the 15 required DO NOT carry over to the next quarter. 
  • However, all points earned from 5th-12th grade at Cedarville schools do count toward the 1,000, 2,000, and 3,000 Point Clubs.  (Prizes may be involved!)
  • AR points will count for 15% of the quarterly grade.


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