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High School AR Policy

High School AR Policy 



AR Grade-Your AR reading will be graded differently in high school than it was in middle school. 

  • Beginning in 9th grade, all CHS students are required to earn 15 AR points per quarter.
  • You may read 15 books that are worth 1 point each or one book that is worth 15 points or more. (Or any combination of points to total 15).
  • You will take an AR test (with your English teacher ONLY) on each book you read to accumulate points.
  • Most AR tests require a 70% to earn any points (a few are 60%).
    • For example, students making a 75% on a 10 point book would earn 7.5 points toward the 15 required points. 
    • Students making a 69% or below on the same book would earn 0 points.
  • You may read the genre of your choice.  We do not STAR test in high school.

Very Important:

  • Points over the 15 required DO NOT carry over to the next quarter. 
  • However, all points earned from 5th-12th grade at Cedarville schools do count toward the 1,000, 2,000, and 3,000 Point Clubs.  (Prizes may be involved!)
  • AR points are placed in the gradebook before progress reports each quarter.
  • AR points for tests taken during a week will be updated in the gradebook by the end of that week.
  • AR points will count for 15% of your grade each quarter.


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