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Jobs for America’s Graduates

How it works

Credits: The JAG Class component is worth ½ graduation credit each semester, for a total of 1 credit for the completed school year. A student must be enrolled in the JAG Class component in order to be enrolled in the JAG Work component. The JAG Work component counts for a ½ graduation credit each semester (for 2 class periods), for a total of 2 possible credits for a completed school year. Students enrolled in both JAG Class and JAG Work can potentially earn 3 graduation credits in a school year.

Classroom Component: Students will attend one JAG class period daily. Students will participate in a comprehensive program with forty competencies that meet the needs of today’s employers.  Students must pass the class component to be allowed to participate in the work component.

Work Component: Students enrolled in JAG Work will gain workplace experience by working a minimum of 190 hours each semester. Students may potentially leave school after lunch in order to go to work.

Attendance: Per the CHS handbook policy, students who incur 10 absences in a course in a semester may not receive credit for that course. JAG students may be dropped from the JAG Work component at that time. This will result in the student being denied credit for the course and being enrolled in a full day of classes.

Work Hours: Students enrolled in JAG Work are expected to work a minimum of 10 hours each week and must provide a valid pay stub unless other arrangements have been made with the JAG Specialist. Grades will be based on the number of work hours averaging a minimum of 10 hours per week and proof of work hours and pay. Any student who fails to work an average of at least 10 hours per week may be dropped from the work component and enrolled in a full day class schedule.

Work Status: Students who are fired from or leave a job may receive a failing grade for JAG Work, may be denied credit, and will be placed in a full day of classes regardless of the timing during the semester.  A student who quits or loses a job will have one week to find new employment before being placed in a full day of classes.  Once removed from the work component, a student may not be reenrolled in the work component until the semester.

Grades: Students will receive a grade for JAG Class. This grade will be based on classwork, interactions with guest speakers, projects and assessments. Students enrolled in JAG Work will receive a separate grade for that component as well. That grade will be based on amount of work hours, proof of work hours and proof of pay.

Follow up Contact: Students enrolled in a JAG Work program will be contacted monthly by the school’s JAG Specialist for one year following graduation. This is a requirement of the National JAG program and the purpose of this is to keep record of the student’s work/school status and provide assistance to that student if necessary.


Lesson plans available on national website.  See me to access.

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