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Civics Lesson Plans

Dates Covered 5/8-5/12


  1. Students can analyze the factors of production in various economies.
  2. Students can compare Roman economic structure to those in the United States.

Guiding Questions:

1. How does oppurtunity costs factor in with production numbers?

  1. What factors move supply along the supply demand curve?
  2. What factors move demand along the demand curve?
  3. What was the main economic philosophy of the Romans?



Guided Practice: Notes


Independent Practice/Activities:

  1. creation of a Econoimc Rap song



  1. Rap song

  2. Quiz

  3. Test


Standards: CCRA.R.1, 2, 3, 4 CCRA.W.2 CCRA.SL.1, 4 CCRA.L.6