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Senior Technology Seminar

Lesson Plan: Unit 3

Dates: Jan 8 - Mar 16 2018

Bell Work: Changed Daily and presented on the smart board. Students will immediately log on and answer Bell Work using google classroom. Bell ringer will require student to utilize technology and knowledge relevant to the current unit of study and it will integrate Core subjects.

Essential Question: How can I utilize previously learned technology based knowledge to produce products or services that can help the school, community or local businesses?


1. Analyze an existing product to determine updates/improvements.

2. Develop product based on criteria developed by the end user.

3. Create new products to serve the school or community.

4. Accept the work and critique of peers.

5. Maintenance of ongoing projects.

Model/Guided Practice: Students will be assigned or select projects that reflect the course goals and work individually and in teams and will be able to serve as both team members and as team leaders. Currently our students are working on videos to promote the various clubs, teams and students organizations.

Independent Work (The Assignment):

Assessment: Student learning will be assessed by daily Bell work, daily engagement and completion of projects.