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Computerized Business Applications

Lesson Plan: Unit 4, Data Bases

Dates: Jan 8-Mar 5

Bell Ringer: Changed Daily and presented on the smart board. Students will immediately log on and answer Bell Work using google classroom. Bell ringer will require student to utilize technology and knowledge relevant to the current unit of study and it will integrate Core subjects.

Essential Question: Will being proficient in using Microsoft to produce various types of documents make me a more efficient student and employee?


4.1 Define terminology related to Data Bases

4.2 Evaluate database components

4.3 Create and edit a database

4.4 Create database objects

Model/Guided Practice: Student will complete two Microsoft Office based tutorials on Microsoft Word. The tutorials utilize a combination of video, written and interactive lessons. Teacher and peer assistance is available to students while working through the tutorials. 

Independent Work (The Assignment):

Assessment: At various points within the tutorial, student learning will be assessed by conducting hands tasks or producing a specified document. At the completion of the unit students will take a Microsoft certification exam.