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Pirate Fans

With the new season about to begin, there has been several people offering to help the team in any way they can.  After some thought and conversations with individuals, the most important things to do is not only help our team but the entire basketball program.  We believe that our culture around our program needs to go through some remodeling.  Let us reflect on the basketball program from the time your children became part of our teams.  No doubt there has been both good things and bad that have taken place.  Too often do we take the good things for granted and only focus on the bad.  Over time, the good things are overlooked and whither while the bad things are watered and given plenty of fertilizer instead of being pruned and discarded.  Let us be good stewards of our facilities.  Help keep trash picked up and thrown away and take care of spills even if you have to ask for help.  Stay off the playing surface of the court.  Help keep traffic off the floor that wears down the finish and make the floor slick.  We practice year around.  Slick floors are hazardous and we don’t need anyone getting hurt.

Present and future members request and need the best examples of respectable behaviors as possible.  Our team members work hard at being good student athletes and deserve to be able to walk off the court and know that they did not have anyone influence the outcome of a contest in a way that tarnishes the competitors’ effort and the reputation of their program.  To be a true fan of any team, you know that there will be ups and downs.  We need more support when we have adversity than when we have success.  While we welcome your support, we ask that you understand that if you want to support our program, you support all that is involved.  Please don’t support us in the good days, but also in the bad.  Please don’t support the starters only, but also the reserves.  Please don’t support us only when you agree, but also when you disagree and don’t understand.  We ask the student/athletes to perservere through good times and in bad.  We ask the experienced players to teach their teammates and the inexperienced to learn from their upperclassmen.  We ask them to persue what is right rather than who is right.  This is a great opportunity for those that want to help our program by demonstrating their support with their actions.

Before you invest your support in the Cedarville Lady Pirates basketball program, take notice:  You will be at times disappointed.  You will spend money and time you cannot get back.  You will get mad when you don’t get your way.  You will need to get out of your comfort zone.  Anyone who has spent time with young people as they grow, learn, and mature can tell you:  IT IS WORTH IT!!!